How to choose the best rental car in Germany
How to choose the best rental car in Germany

How to choose the best rental car in Germany

Germany is home to the best cars in the world. Choosing a rental car in Germany should not be an arduous task.

Germany is home to great car manufacturers, and it would be easy to assume that all Germans own a car. Many German people decide to live car-free. Some do it for financial reasons, while others prefer to use public transport and reduce their carbon footprint. There will come a time, however, where you will need to rent a car. This is where Sixt can help you. Renting a car can be daunting, as you must decide on the make, transmission, fuel consumption, and intended use. To make your decision a little easier, click on the link to be directed to reviews of car rental companies in Germany.

The benefits of renting a car in Germany include factors such as easy booking and payment options, as well as convenience. Most rental companies accept any major German credit cards as payment and allow you to choose your car and rental period online or through an application. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of renting the car, and note any hidden fees.

Why rent a car?

Renting a car gives you the ability to drive a new car. If you are planning a weekend away and need to book a van, you can choose from the latest models from the leading manufacturers in Germany. Why not treat yourself to a flashy car for that weekend away in the countryside with a loved one? The only limit is your budget.

You can rent a car while yours is in the garage being repaired, or to reduce the wear and tear on your own car. Most rental cars have maintenance plans that cover you for any wear and tear on the vehicle. They are serviced regularly and well maintained so you can rest assured you will not suffer a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

What are the rates?

Rental companies charge daily, weekly, and monthly rates. This gives you the freedom to rent a car for as short or long a period as you would like. If you need a car for a quick business trip to another German city, a rental is a perfect option. There are several drop-off and pickup locations located around the city centre, at train stations, and, of course, the airport.

When renting a car in Germany, why not rent a German car? Sixty-five percent of the care on German roads and German-made. Compact cars such as the Volkswagen Up as perfect for inner-city driving and have a lower fuel consumption than sedans. Smaller vehicles are also easier and cheaper to maintain. Most cars have the choice of automatic or manual transmission.

Choosing a rental car comes down to personal preference. Think about what you will use the car for and your budget. Shop around and try to get the best deal possible. Read the terms and conditions and ensure you know their policies on insurance, fuel top-ups, and any extra fees that need to be paid on the return of the vehicle.