5 Manual Car Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Periodically
5 Manual Car Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Periodically

5 Manual Car Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Periodically

Many say the car is a true friend of men and cannot just be separated. Because of their love for cars, some people are even willing to learn to care for car spare parts ranging from manual to automatic cars. The reasons are very diverse, ranging from savings, hobbies or just spending free time.Basically, learning to care for manual car spare parts is almost the same as an automatic car. As long as you know the knowledge and process, the car is guaranteed to be well maintained and durable. The problem is, until now, there are still many people who don’t understand how a manual car works? Or what are the advantages of manual cars?

Advantages of Choosing a Manual Car

When you enter the car showroom, what kind of car would you first want to see? Is it an automatic car or a manual car? When it comes to age ranges, anyone knows manual cars are much older fashion and charismatic than the automatic cars that were born afterwards. Apart from its cool appearance, manual cars also have the following advantages:

Be more agile in speed settings

Almost everyone has various skills and driving styles. Some prefer a slow, moderate or adrenaline rush. Those who like to pump adrenaline on the streets, are usually good friends with manual cars.
Manual cars have a much higher speed responsiveness than automatic cars. By relying on gears, the driver can adjust the speed he wants to go.

Easily Find Service Places

It is not unusual for manual car service places to be found in almost all of Indonesia, due to the fact that manual cars were more popular than automatic cars. Besides making it easier, manual car drivers also benefit from affordable maintenance costs.

Durable Fuel

Another advantage of manual cars is their ability to save fuel. In other words, manual car users can save on car fuel budget to meet other needs such as maintenance of spare parts and others.

Driving Comfort

Automatic cars may be comfortable and easy to use because they do not require clutch and gear adjustments when driving. But for monotonous terrain, manual cars are far superior.
When driving using a manual car, our concentration must be completely on the gear, clutch, and the road in front of our eyes. Automatically will help eliminate boredom, motorists can also drive using different techniques as needed.

5 Manual Car Spare Parts That Are Replaced Routinely

A car is like the human body which consists of several components that keep it working properly and actively. Try to imagine if a manual car with the above advantages is not regularly maintained? Existing cars will be damaged in the next few years.
In order for your manual car to avoid permanent damage, ensure regular maintenance of the following spare parts:


Not only cross-check, oil must be changed gradually to avoid dirt in it. In manual cars, oil works as a driver of car performance so that it remains comfortable while driving. The need for manual car oil depends on the brand of the car, but the average oil change must be done after the car has traveled a maximum distance of 5,000 kilometers.
Some manual car drivers sometimes underestimate the condition of brake oil and power steering oil, even though both of them have very important roles and functions. If the brake oil runs out and is allowed to continue, it is feared that it will affect the brake pads.
Meanwhile, power steering oil has a big effect on your driving comfort. Surely you want to drive the car agile and fast, right?

Brake pads

To keep your manual car on its brakes, check your brake pads regularly. These car spare parts are closely related to brake performance and driver safety. Especially if you use a manual car regularly, whether it’s for going to the office, sightseeing or going on casual trips with friends.
The more often the car is used, the quality of brake pads will decrease and even disappear if you do not make regular repairs. The average manual car brake pads can only last a maximum of 70,000 kilometers.

Clutch canvas

Illustration of manual car clutch system
The next type of spare part that must be regularly maintained is the clutch lining. These spare parts play a very active and responsive role in channeling engine energy to the transmission. When the clutch lining is in the worst condition such as burns or wears, the car cannot be driven comfortably and safely. When forced continuously, the car engine will die, aka breaking down.
In essence, there are several symptoms that we can find when the clutch lining is damaged or burned, such as the car’s acceleration decreases, the clutch slips easily and smells a very distinctive burnt smell. If you find one or more of the symptoms above, you should stop the car to check the clutch lining as soon as possible.


No less important than the three spare parts above, the car battery must also be checked and replaced periodically if it is damaged. How to check a car battery is actually not difficult, just use a battery load tester if you intend to find out the condition of the battery or just check with a voltmeter.
A good and healthy car battery can be seen from the indicator that shows blue color while the battery that needs to be charged is generally white. Get in the habit of heating the car before driving to help maintain the quality of the battery.

AC filter

And the last spare part to pay attention to is the AC filter, especially if you can’t get out of the air conditioner while driving a car. The AC filter basically functions to filter dust so that it is not absorbed and enters the evaporator. Try to keep the AC filter in your car clean, if the condition is too damaged, immediately replace it with new spare parts.